Garage Door Service and Repairs

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Signs You Need Repair or Service

Your garage door plays a critical, often overlooked, part of your home and day-to-day life. It works to protect your vehicles, is an additional entrance to your home, and can act as extra storage. After a time, it may begin showing wear and tear, resulting in you needing garage door repair in Westwood, MA. Let’s go over some common signs that show it’s time to call in the professionals.

Slow Response Time

If your garage door suddenly begins taking longer than usual to respond to your input, this is a clear sign something is wrong. They should typically respond within a second or two after pressing the button. A clear delay could be a sign of a faulty opener or the door itself.

Noisy Operation

Another clear sign you need garage door repair in Westwood, MA is excessive noise emanating from your door. While there are no silent doors, you should not be hearing loud groaning, grinding, or banging coming from your garage door. This is a sign something is wrong and that it’s time for a service check as soon as possible.

Door Won’t Fully Close

If your garage door simply will not close all the way, it’s time for professionals to come examine it. There could be a wide range of causes for this, including misaligned sensors. An open garage door could lead to pests or even worse, human intruders getting into your garage. Be sure to prevent this with the help of garage door repair services.

These are just a few signs that something’s wrong with your garage door. Regular maintenance and repairs can ensure your door’s lifespan is extended as long as possible. With any mechanical systems, wear and tear is inevitable, so having a reliable garage door company on hand is absolutely critical.

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